About North West Medical Service

North West Medical Service (NWMS) are a specialist independent medical service that supplies trained staff to events throughout the North West of England.

NWMS was form back in 2016 in Barrow-In-Furness, when two brothers and a friend wanted to offer trained and professional staff to events to ensure the public got the best medical help needed. Kristian, Jonny and Mike all started when they joined a volunteer organisation; from there they have enhanced their skill set by undertaking a number of different courses and by attending countless events over a number of years.

NWMS staff comprises of mainly first aider and the more advance First responders, but we also work very closely with independent health care professional in order to ensure your event will have the correct skill level.

Our main medic is what we call a FREC medic. A FREC medic is a nationally recognised medical qualification with skills in airway management, splinting, medication and many more advanced skills. All our medical staff are extremely well trained and hold a high level of experience.

NWMS will work closely with organisers to provide a personalised service, meaning that you will receive the correct staffing levels as well as the correct skill level depending on what event you have on.

Having easy to understand policies, means we have been able to ensure first class medical expertise at local events we have secured recurring contracts from multiple venues and companies. We are covering functions on a weekly basis so please book in advance if you do require medical cover at your event.



Kristian is a First Response emergency care medic and one of the directors and founders of North West Medical Service. He has experience in the private events sectors, event management as well as training and experience on the front line with the ambulance service as a First responder. Kristian has over 8 years’ experience in this sector therefore has a first- hand understanding of what is needed to cover events.


Jonny is a First Response emergency care medic and one of the directors and founders of North West Medical Service. Jonny began by volunteering for a first aid organisations and since then has gone on to be a member of the RNLI and a mental health support worker within the NHS at Blackpool hospital. This means he has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to helping those in need.


Mike is a First Response emergency care medic and one of the directors and founders of North West Medical Service. Mike began as a First Responder within the Ambulance Service, meaning he has frontline experience of assisting those in need of medical attention. Mike is another one of our FREC Medics with experience in event management and advanced first aid.


Kirby is a qualified first aider and has been with NWMS since 2018. She has gain experience via attending events for North West Medical Service, coaching sporting teams and is a current Ambulance service first responder. She is a current civil servant and her favourite event that she has attended is Ulverston Fine Fest.


Matthew is one of our first aid team members and has been since NWMS was founded in 2016. He is also studying paramedic science at university. He has gain experience from different organisations from the age of 16.


Charlene has been a member of NWMS since it was founded in 2016, however she mainly helped out in the background. She has now gone on to complete her FAW course and attends events as a first aider. Her favourite event so far has been the Soap box race.


Karen is another of our first aid team, she first qualified in first aid back in 2013 and since then has gone on to train as a Ambulance first responder. Karens passion for being effective in First Aid comes from being a parent who wanted to make sure that in the event I ever had to use it, I had the skills to Preserve, Prevent and Promote life. Karens favourite event this year has been the soap box race.
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Buddy Medic

Here are a few facts about buddy, -He has been first aiding for most of his life, so about 18 weeks. - He is always first on scene, as he out runs even the cycle responders - His worse first aid skill is bandaging as he just ends up tangled in it. - His best first aid skill is calming people down, he just cuddles them.

What to expect if you hire NWMS

» Personalised Quote – all quotes are tailored to the event, meaning the correct level of cover and right skill set.

» Confirmation once you book – this means that you have the peace of mind that NWMS will be at your event and your medical cover is sorted.

» Trained Staff – All our staff are trained to the appropriate level, ensuring the best cover for your event.

» Equipment – NWMS will supply are the relevant equipment for the type of event you are running, such as defibrillator or chairs and scoops to move patients.

» Manager – Once you request a quote from NWMS the same member of the team will manage your event.

» Your time back – Once you have booked with NWMS our staff will run themselves meaning you don’t have to manage another team at your event.

» Contact – you will be given the details of one of the management team, if that manager is not one of the staff at your event, you will be able to contact them at any point, for any question or queries.